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With the change in seasons, comes a change in our environment. Autumn sees not only the shift to cooler days and longer nights but also a laying bare of nature’s bones, revealing all of its naked magnificence. A shedding from the trees of rich ombre, gold and scarlet hues towards the ground below, where eventually, the textured carpet of leaves, breaks down further returning to the earth.

It stands to reason that if we carry the belief that we are part of nature and in fact a microcosm of the macrocosm, then we too will invariably experience periods of transition. These periods of flux maybe just a little more internal and less obvious from those looking on from the outside but no less important and transformative.

Transitions are omnipresent, always around us and within us; the changing of the season, night to day, the tides of the sea, the new to full moon, our menstrual cycle, life cycles, life and death. Alongside thee more outward focused transitions, our lives will be littered with more interior shifts. The realisation of a relationship break down, moving house, changing jobs, changing roles as we age, the loss of a loved one.

Change, by its very nature can feel threatening and discombobulating. It requires us to tread uncharted waters, to walk new paths that feel unfamiliar and rocky underfoot. If these transitions are not of our choosing (which all too often they are not), then we may meet these periods of flux with hesitation, resentment and trepidation. We may try to resist and hold on to things as they were and as we like them because change is scary and ultimately, most of us are creatures of habit.

But from any transition, from any shift, however jarring it may feel, there will be growth. And whilst it may not be clear or obvious at the time, how this unravelling is serving us, if we are prepared to trust , to lean in to the Universe and pay exquisite attention to what is unfolding, we can glean so very much from these life transitions

What if we were able navigate life shifts from a grounded and steady place, so that when we are faced with life ebbs and flows and the obligatory transitions we will experience, we face them with eyes of curiosity and a sense of wonder. We can view these moments as opportunities to observe our reactions, habits and beliefs and rather than backing away or holding on to the ‘before’, we can locate our centre, anchor ourselves in the cadence of our breath and build our resilience, seeing these moments as the strength builders and the magnificent magic makers.

So much has changed. So much continues to be changing on both an internal and external level. Scary? yes. Challenging? yes, but rather than choosing fear and gripping to what was, I am choosing to trust implicitly this unfurling of new paths and terrains. To believe I/ we are all held in love by love and to marvel at just how far we have come and grown

With love



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