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Mumma. Yogi. Serial Optimist.


From pearly-pink jazz ballet shoes to bare feet on a yoga mat...

Rachael has been practising yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for more than a decade. Like many of us, she first came to yoga to combat stress from her job as a speech and language therapist for children with profound learning difficulties.


From the moment she stepped on the yoga mat, she was hooked. It wasn’t just the immediate physical impact she noticed. Yoga also helped her deal with life’s challenges in a more grounded, balanced way. Yoga was body-nourishing, soul-soothing, real-life magic! 


Rachael’s practice continued to support her throughout each of her three pregnancies before she took the leap into teaching full-time. 

Starting with a 200-hour teacher training at Camyoga in Cambridge, she embarked on a further course with Claire Missingham in the Vinyasa Flow style, which introduced creativity and a more spiritual aspect to her yoga practice and teaching. 

Over the years, she completed additional trainings in Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Children's Yoga. 


Rachael's yoga practice and teaching continues to evolve into a more holistic, embodied and intentional style. The focus is less on the physical postures and more on the overall effect the practice has on mind, body and spirit. The intention is to cultivate tools for wellbeing that extend beyond the mat. 


This holistic approach is supported by her love of essential oils, which she weaves into her classes providing a multi-sensory experience that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Rachael is a teacher training tutor and mentor for upcoming yoga instructors with Barefoot Body and previously Camyoga. She is also an Ambassador for women’s activewear brand, Sweaty Betty, and is currently learning to play the harmonium. 


Rachael has completed yoga teacher trainings in the following areas:


- Teacher Training 200hr (Camyoga, Cambridge)

- Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training 200hr (Claire Missingham)

- Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (Beverly Nolan, Cambridge)

- Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (Beverly Nolan, Cambridge)

- Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Insight (Sarah Powers)

- Baby Yoga Teacher Training (Camyoga, Cambridge)

- Children's Yoga Teacher Training (Calm for Kids)

She continues her professional development with senior yoga teachers including Claire Missingham, Jo Tastula, Annie Carpenter, Donna Farhi, Tiffany Cruikshank, Francoise Freedman, Naomi Absolom, Sarah Powers and Beverley Nolan. She is ever grateful for their wisdom.


Rachael teaches weekly yoga classes in Cambridge & other events

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On the mat


Grace. Strength. Presence. 


Rachael’s yoga teaching style could be defined as Intentional Flow - a creative sequencing of postures that are woven together fluidly with the breath and powered by intention.


Her approach is a mindful one that invites us to meet ourselves where we are, as we are, with playful curiosity. Alignment cues are sprinkled throughout but the focus is on offering space for exploration to discover what feels good in body and mind.

Other key components of Rachael's teaching include: 

  • Essential Oils - often integrated to enhance the physical and mental benefits of the practice

  • The Elements - embodying the qualities of water and earth allow us to go with the flow yet remain grounded

  • Mudras - hand gestures that facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body

  • Themes - like courage or vulnerability to provide focus and depth, and as a tool to take off the mat into everyday life

  • Intention - set at the beginning of class and threaded throughout to anchor the mind 

When you're in a class with Rachael she has a special gift. Her beaming positive energy, her beautiful spiritual teaching and her fantastic knowledge of yoga...all connects to you. It feels like a 1:1!

Jess Wakelin

Little things about Rachael



Proud wife, daughter, and mumma to three gorgeous girls & two smelly but utterly adorable labradoodles - Flossie and Molly

Essential oils enthusiast. Creating and bottling distinct blends that promote emotional health and wellbeing. Contact here >

Firm friends with a little Fiat 500, sharing precious solo moments driving through Cambridge with the top down and chanting loudly

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Delighted owner of a 10-year-old disco glitter ball that never came down after Christmas and now brightens up the kitchen

Movement junkie. From the days of synchronised swimming and jazz ballet to now. Except during daily episodes of Eastenders

Fierce champion of the baked potato, ketchup, chocolate HobNobs and Yorkshire tea (not all at the same time although...)

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