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Soul Garden: A Winter Weekend Workshop

Cultivate some healing magic after a tender year with this two-part weekend winter workshop. Join us from the sanctuary of your own space.

We had envisaged to hold this workshop as an in-person gathering but alas, the newest lockdown has scuppered our plans. So until we can all come together safely, we’ll be offering a virtual retreat.

This is a retreat of two halves, that come together into a winter weekend where we'll hold space for reflection and inspire intentions through a blend of yoga, meditation, and creative practices.

The first half takes place on a Saturday evening and we’ll gather together for the second part the following morning on Sunday. If you’re unable to make one or both of the sessions, please let us know.

We so look forward to welcoming you to Soul Garden — a sacred space to rest, replenish, nourish, fortify. Find out more about the blossoming of Soul Garden >

Part I: Reflections — Distilling the wisdom of 2020

This afternoon is a holistic reflection on the past year; a year that hasn’t left any of us untouched in some way. But where there’s darkness, there’s always light, and it is our hope that the afternoon’s practices will help us all acknowledge our experiences with grace and compassion, discover our resilience and depth, and release anything that no longer serves us.

Guided meditation and journaling prompts support our reflective journey while a movement practice with body, breath and intention symbolises a shifting of stagnant energy and emotions as we look towards a new season of hope and possibility.

Date: Saturday 19th December

Time: 4pm-6pm

Part II: Intentions for 2021Cultivating the essence of 2021

This morning we turn our vision to the new year, breathing life into our intentions. We’ll be creating personal vision boards that honour the story we wish to cultivate for ourselves.

From this space of intention, we’ll move through a mindful, dynamic yoga practice that instills our intentions with inner strength, resilience and the fire of Manipura chakra — our centre of self-will. Optional essential oil blends, simple ritual, and ceremony will add potency to our hopes and dreams.

Date: Saturday 19th December

Time: 10am-12pm


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