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Soul Garden

An introduction to my newest wellbeing co-project and an invitation to attend a two-part winter weekend retreat this December.

I am so delighted to bring you what I hope will be the first of many wonderful offerings from a joint project between myself and my wonderful sidekick and friend, Marion (read more about her below).

Soul Garden isn’t in full bloom just yet but as we tend to its growth, we have a preliminary offering in the form of an online winter weekend retreat this December.

Join us in a two-part workshop spread over the weekend where we’ll gather together to reflect on our experiences of the thorny year that is 2020 before coming together to cultivate vibrant intentions for the dawn of 2021.

The Seeds of Soul Garden

Soul Garden was dreamt up a long time ago — way before any actual conversation had taken place between myself and Marion. Unbeknown to one another, we both held aspirations of creating an online platform alongside in-person workshops where we could gather with like-minded women, connect, share, and grow together.

Above all, our wish is to create a holistically-minded space with offerings that were practical and relatable yet with the whispers of the mystical and ethereal we’re both captivated by. By blending our passions, expertise and experience together with a blend of yoga, mindfulness, Ayurveda, seasonal living and creativity we think we have the seeds of something powerful and beautiful to sow.

The Vision

In time, we envisage bringing you a series of monthly offerings that harness the wisdom and gentle power of seasonal, holistic living instilled with the grace of the feminine spirit.

Seasonal shifts will provide the foundation for each month’s offering, and within each offering we’ll explore a balance of physical, wellness and creative practices that nurture the complete constellation of our being — Body, Mind and Heart.

  • Physical practices to nourish the body including intentional flow yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and breath work

  • Creative exercises to inspire the mind including journal prompts and other inner-work projects that cultivate compassion, expression and courage

  • Wellness activities to soothe the heart including meditation, essential oils, herbs, crystals, and aligning with the moon and stars

There will also be plenty of articles and information to help you understand your body and hormonal cycles, align with Mother Nature by refining your routines according to seasonal shifts, and explore how a balance of wellness practice through a holistic approach may best support you.

Available 24/7 and supported by in-person workshops, it is out hope that these practices allow you to create a holistic lifestyle that will nourish, support, comfort and balance your unique needs.

Whilst we’re not quite ready to unveil this sacred space, it was our heartfelt desire to offer a little taster of what’s to come with a winter retreat where we can come together and cultivate some healing magic after a tender year.

An introduction to Marion

Marion is the wonder that turned my website dreams into a reality and continues to support my process. But she’s not just a creative spark and tech genie. She’s also a qualified yoga teacher trained in reiki therapy, a mindfulness meditation practitioner, and a writer (look our for her Sleep Stories on the Calm app).

I am so excited to be working alongside Marion. We’ve been pooling our areas of expertise together and can’t wait to share the magic we’ve been dreaming up.


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