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We live in a world in which we are increasingly switched on ……

For many of us , we have lost what it is to be guided by the natural rhythms of the day , to wake with the sun and sleep when dark prevails. We can block or tamper with some of our natural bodily rhythms so as they become more convenient and ‘fix’ symptoms to many illnesses without ever treating the underlying cause.

We have turned a blind eye to what it is to be guided by our own bodies natural rhythms and the ability to listen to our own innate wisdom - our intuition. We choose to ignore the backdrop of our inner whisperings which calls to us when we live in such a way that isn’t in alignment to our values or is deprived of the nourishment our soul craves.

Many of us ingest a diet rich in habits designed to numb us out in order to cope with our modern, fast paced life, as opposed to us creating a life where we zone in and wake up to the wonders both surrounding and within us.

To tune into our own inner whisperings and longings can be both challenging and uncomfortable. It asks us to potentially, question everything and take a long hard look at what we have allowed in. We take on patterns of behaviour that ultimately make us feel safe and for a while these patterns work but at some point they stop and begin to hinder both our growth and wellbeing.

Tuning in to what we actually need and deserve, is a life long process. It is an ongoing journey and one that ebbs and flows as life throws us curveballs at unexpected moments. But just as we may exercise to train our muscles, the same can be said for our intuition. The more we create opportunity to lean in and listen to our intuition with curiosity, tenderness and acceptance, the easier it becomes to ‘hear’ and intuitively know when something is off.

So how can we develop a beautiful, meaningful and creative life if we are not brave enough to act on our inner knowing….She is so rarely wrong.

Overtime, by paying exquisite attention and being courageous enough to act on our inner voice - we cultivate the right environment for our seeds of desire to flourish and live a life with increased vitality and purpose and one that is in alignment to your values and heart.

Use the following somatic check in and journal prompts to help tune in to your inner landscape and cultivate a rich fertile atmosphere for your seeds of intentions to take root....


Take your favourite journal and pen, maybe make a tea or coffee and find a quiet spot either in your home, garden or somewhere in nature.

Make yourself feel settled. A feeling of the ground beneath you holding and supporting you.

And then lets take a moment to draw our awareness inwards…..

Feel your physical body here on the earth.

How does your body feel?

Where are your aches and pains?

Where does your tension reside?

Where do you feel strong and resilient?

What parts of your body needs tending too, nourishing, restoring?.

Energy wise, whats going on for you?……Spring is a time of rising Yang energy. It has an ‘up and out’ feel to it.

Do you feel this in your body, in your energy levels, or are there the remnants of winters heaviness, introspective qualities still lingering ?

Do you feel well rested, energised and ready to go? Or do you relate more to depletion, tiredness or overwhelm?.

How do you carry your body? lightly or as if your moving through treacle …….Perhaps there is a spring and lightness in your step?.

Observe in a non critical judgemental way and welcome all that is present for you in this moment

Emotionally…..How are you doing? If you listen closely to your hearts whisper, what is she trying telling you?

Again, no judgement just curious observation..…

Tend to your breathing…..can your breathe feel easy and natural.

Draw the breath in and down deep into the body,

Exhaling the breath up and out

Spring……encompasses Up & Out energy……see it/feel it in your breathing…

Your breathe, a light, gentle flowing breeze.

Relax into each exhale, giving yourself permission to let go of daily concerns and things you feel ready to release from the winter months just passed

Having taken some time to pause, soften and land into your body, let us move away from our head space, the place of logical thinking and into our intuitive body. Our intuitive body is the place that feels and knows. It is the place that processes, stores and releases . She feels and holds you gently, guiding you when you learn to lean into and trust that inner voice.

And then let the words of this LAKOTA Native Indian prayer to defuse into your heart, bones and intuitive self…..

Teach me how to trust my Heart

My Mind

My Intuition

My Inner Knowing

The senses of my body

The blessing of my Spirit

Teach me to trust these things

So that I may enter sacred space and love beyond my fears

And thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.

This is a prayer to live in alignment

It doesn’t mean living without fear but it does mean getting quiet and courageous enough to listen closely to your intuition . Aligning your heart to Kindness and compassion.

During the introspection of each Winter, we are gifted with a beautiful opportunity to withdraw and look within. We are invited to enquire and weed out, what is no longer nourishing for our body-minds. With trust, grace and acceptance we let it all fall away. And the space that is left becomes filled with the seeds of creativity, new hopes and dreams nestled deep in the dark, cool earth. And there they wait. Patiently waiting. patiently gaining resilience in the fallow period of winter.

Seeds that were planted and previously hidden, now begin to push forth. Up through the earth. Up towards the warmth, energy and dynamism of the Sun.

We are now in the season of transformation, new ideas, hope and manifestation. The spring winds, spread the seeds from the blossoming buds so as more expansion and growth may take place. It is time for our seeds to burst though the warming soil and the tender shoots to be revealed... Our energy is on the up and we have springs characteristics of curiosity, exploration and growth waiting to blossom and bloom.

And so we begin....

It is important to consider that whatever we choose to place our attention and energy on over this fertile period of Spring, has the capacity to shape and determine the rest of our year.

So let's begin to ask ourselves the potent question of where do we wish to place our attention...

The soil we plant our seeds in, needs to be rich and full of nutrients so as the seed may take root and draw the nourishment required to expand and flourish

It is the same for our mind...

So what does our mind need in order to feel nourished, nurtured and well fed?

If we wish to plant seeds that flourish, expand and create an Intentional life, then our beautiful but malleable and impressionable mind, requires a diet full of healthy experiences. We are required to cultivate an environment conducive to learning, providing us with just enough challenge to encourage new shoots of growth. It is therefore imperative that we are meticulous with what we allow into our mind .


~ Where do you currently let your attention be drawn too?

~What is your current state of mind on an energetic level? Do you feel light, hopeful, inspired, heavy, scattered, foggy, lethargic....

~What qualities of mind and heart would you love to be invested with to help you feel nurtured and in the right environment for growth and expansion?.

Maybe it is patience, consistency, self belief, tenderness or courage

~Is your current environment conducive to learning and feeling nurtured and does your current day to day life enable pockets of time where you are free to feed and tend to your soil. (body-mind & wellbeing)

This may look like: Act of self care, acts of creativity, time to daydream, garden, cook, journal, move, breathe and rest!

~If this is an area that feels depleted right now, what one thing could you change in your day-to day life to increase the opportunity for these pockets of nourishment to grow?

~ Become quiet and tune in.....How can you make this a reality? Spring is the season where we are creative and adaptive to problem solving. Changes to where we place our energy and time may be small, almost micro changes. They don have to be big to make a difference. Small and consistent is often the best way to make changes.

~ What does growth look like to you?

~ What would you like to see grow and flourish in your life?

eg, family time, career, relationships, relationship to self, creativity. Allow thoughts, ideas, emotions, images and or words to percolate up, without feeling the need to analyse. Trust your intuition here. Don’t block anything. Allow whatever bubbles up to come through.

Allow yourself to be creative here. Allow your desires to be heard

As we visualise our seed /intentions taking root and flourishing over the next few months, we may need consider what inner transformation is required….

~ Is it necessary to release certain patterns of behaviours /long held self limiting beliefs, that take up precious space that may contribute to inhibiting your growth? Remember the importance of your soil (body-mind) needing a rich fertile environment and atmosphere to flourish

With each out breath, visualising these obstacles and self limiting behaviours being broken down and leaving us

~ Conversely, what habits or rituals do you currently commit too, that help cultivate your seeds to take root? Is there one in particular you feel you could commit too which would help nurture these seeds?

~What might it feel like for this desire, this intention to be realised?. What might it feel like to live a life in alignment to your own inner compass? .

~Does your day/week/month as it is currently, support these specific seeds of growth and intentions?

~What would you need to receive from others in your life and your environment to help realise your intentions?. Ie what may you need to put in place for this to become a reality.

Each inhale …May I receive all I truly need to live in accordance to my intention

Let these seeds, these intentions, influence how you approach life.

Let them be at the forefront of your mind as you make decisions and choices... Does this help my intentions take root and enable them to be nurtured? Will this choice lead me closer towards realising my vision or steer me off my path?

Be curious as to where you are required to push forwards. When increasing effort is required and when you can soften, going gently on yourself, as you allow certain things to fall away to create more space for the unfurling of new buds.

May you live so as the seeds of something beautiful may be moved up and out from the loamy darkness of the soil and up towards the burgeoning warmth of the radiant sun.

May it be so.

With Love xx


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