Summer Reflections

Many of you have made this summer so special for me and there have been bundles of wonderful things happening on and off the mat that I wanted to share them all with you.


June 30th saw the first of a very much anticipated workshop with my dear friend Heather Pearson of Weave Yoga at PAUS.

We spent the day both in the elements and in our respective elements, exploring an "Air"-based dynamic Vinyasa flow session, followed by a beautiful guided walking meditation.

The highlight of the day really felt like the beautiful food provided by our friends at PAUS as well as the glorious bathing experience in their outdoor wood fired hot tubs... a glass of prosecco or virgin mojito all part of the fun!

We rounded the day off with some Restorative yoga under an ageing oak tree at the bottom of the field, covered in dappled sunlight, soft breeze dancing across our skin; the perfect complement to the blend of essential oils used in this "Earth"-based part of the workshop

A huge thank you to all who came along and helped create a very special day.

Heather and I are so excited to host more of these joint ventures and all be releasing upcoming dates for 2020 shortly.

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Storey's Field Centre in Eddington continues to offer the perfect backdrop for my new weekend yoga sessions: Saturday Pop-Up Flow and Sunday Sanctuary.

I've been blown away by the popularity of these classes and offer gratitude to each and every one of you that has chosen to spend a slice of your precious weekend to nourish and honour yourself with fluid movement on Saturdays or deep rest on Sundays.

They've have taken a holiday of their own for some of the Summer but are back this Autumn (upcoming dates below).

All of them are already half full so do take if you're interested and would like to invest in a little wellness, do consider booking sooner rather than later.


Sat 21 Sep | POP-UP FLOW | 09:15 - 10:30 | BOOK HERE

Sun 22 Sep | SUNDAY SANCTUARY | 10:00 - 11:30 | BOOK HERE


Sat 9 Nov | POP-UP FLOW | 09:15 - 10:30 | BOOK HERE

Sun 17 Nov | SUNDAY SANCTUARY | 10:00 - 11:30 | BOOK HERE


Sat 14 Dec | POP-UP FLOW | 09:15 - 10:30 | BOOK HERE

Sun 22 Dec | SUNDAY SANCTUARY | 10:00 - 11:30 | BOOK HERE


July 26th saw the first of my new six weekly ‘Friday Feels Flow' class at the beautiful Thaxted Yoga Studio. What an utter joy it is to teach in this space and to met so many lovely students who regularly attend the yoga studio.

And a full 90 minute practice really offers the opportunity to slow down properly and explore fluid, creative and accessible yoga with pockets of space to feel into breath, body and intention.

If you missed the July session, then I'm back at the beginning of September (Friday 6th) where we'll be exploring the shift in seasons towards Autumn and how that impacts our practice on and beyond the mat.

It'd be wonderful to see you there and if you’ve never been to this delightful studio, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Book via Thaxted Yoga



I was lucky enough to attend two day festivals this Summer. The first was the yoga-fuelled fest at Battersea Park for Wanderlust 108.

Despite the torrential rain first thing in the morning, it turned out to be a wonderful day filled with all the things I love: yoga, good company (my yoga partner-in-crime Heather P) and amazing food!


The next was Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival.

Her podcast (Happy Place) has been a go-to listen of mine since it began and I never miss an episode, so my excitement levels on discovering there was going to be a related festival focusing on health and wellness meant my excitement levels were sky-high!

It was a wonderful day and didn't disappoint at all.

Myself and Daisy (the second of my three daughters) spent the most fabulous day together, walking around the beautiful grounds of Chiswick House & Gardens.

The festival had such a warm inviting feel to it with yoga, meditation, and breath work classes, arts and crafts sessions, shopping and free wellness talks.

There was also, of course, a Happy Place podcast tent with Fearne and guests which you could pop in to. My personal highlight was listening to Russel Brand in all his unique, exuberant brilliance!

If you get the chance to go next year, I cannot to recommend it enough for a chilled, feel-good day.


August is traditionally the time we take off as a family at Matthew's parents house in Italy. And this year was no different.

It's become a much loved and anticipated home from home; a place we can truly let go and relax.

We do very little except swim, eat, lounge, swim, eat, lounge and repeat!

I must say, I used to struggle hugely with this.

I'm the only member of the family with the inquisitive bug and am always eager to wander and explore. Being typically "Vata" in nature, I tend to feel airy, scattered, often ungrounded, with hundreds of ideas swimming around my mind.

Over the years, I've gotten my way more than a few times and have made the family do their fair share of traipsing around Italian towns and markets!

But I'm learning to embrace these 10 days of holiday as an antidote to my natural tendencies.

Perhaps it's age, or maybe simply a keener desire to slow down and be more present, but it's become a lot easier to sit back and use the time to collect my thoughts, letting my creative ideas flow onto the pages of a new notebook (I always have one ready for this yearly trip).

This sort of rest allows me to return enthused and ready for September which always feels like a new start, a time of new beginnings and openings.


I think I was fairly late to the game when it came to discovering the benefits and beauty of podcasts, but oh my days!

Now, I couldn't love them more. Some make me laugh out loud or move me to tears, others make me really consider my actions or offer up new and interesting information.