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Despite it being spoken of all around us, actually partaking in acts of self care may still feel a little self indulgent. Selfish even and even a times a little confusing...Who has the time, money or inclination for expensive spa days?. But is that really what we are talking about here? Here's my take on what Self care looks like for me (& theres not a spa day insight!!).

There are many reasons as to why we may push acts of self care to the bottom of our to-do list. We may feel we don't have the time, the resources, the inclination or even that perhaps, we may feel we do not deserve it (by the way, you do. Your self care is ALWAYS deserved and should never be debatable my lovely).

Despite what we may often see on social media, Self care is NOT about lengthy and expensive spa treatments, fluffy bathrobes and prosecco, (although it could be all of these if you wished).

Rather, for me, the idea of self care is actually what makes up the fabric of my day. it is a handful of tiny micro sized habits and practices that are littered throughout my day to bring pocket sized moments of calm, harmony and balance.

It is making an intentional choice to eat something that will nourish my body-mind to leave me feeling satiated and re-vitalised.

It is intentionally making the decision to wake a little earlier than the rest of the house to find an envelope of quiet and reflective time. To drink my tea in peace , maybe journal or simply sit and breathe consciously before the day begins in earnest.

It is the act of committing to a daily movement practice ~ be it a walk, an outdoor swim or yoga practice, knowing it will ALWAYS leave you feeling better…

Self care may be creating boundaries in your work or personal relationships. Not always easy to do but then the most worthwhile practices always take time and commitment to fully marinade .

The point is self care is actually a far quieter and nuanced practice than perhaps we often think it is.

It is the evening candle lit bath, but it is also time in reflection. It is a massage but it may also be saying no to something and not feeling the need to justify your answer.

It maybe curling up on the sofa to watch a film. but it might also look like like no electronic devices after 9pm as you prepare for a good nights sleep.

A committed self care practice is dynamic. It will change and evolve as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life. What works for one season of your life will almost certainly change as you enter new chapters, even if it is simply refining existing rituals (like a yoga practice for example) to better fit your 'now'

We need not be too attached to set habits or rituals.

Somedays, life simply gets in the way and perhaps prevents us from partaking in certain practices. We should be flexible in our approach and sensitive to our needs.

And whilst in an ideal world we would have 60 minutes every morning for meditation, movement, journaling, cold showers and freshly prepared breakfast, know that just 5-10 minutes of conscious sitting, breathing, creating intentions for the day ahead



Know that the brief walk around the block/ garden during lunchtime or mid-afternoon Is


That the bath at the end of the day with your phone left in another room is a beautiful way to prepare for sleep.

Self care is about recognising where we are and what we need in any given moment and then gathering the essential ingredients together to make that happen.

It is those little micro sized but turbo charged habits that diffuse into our day nourishing you physically, energetically, emotionally an spiritually.

With Love

Ps you can read more on this subject in an earlier blog post here....


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