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She Knows

Some poetry from my inner Knowing to yours.

I have lived, I am living still.

I have loved, I continue to love.

I have learned and still I continue to learn.

I have lost and I am sure I will lose again.

I am done, yet I come undone again and again and again.

There are days I seek peace and solitude and days when I take centre stage and become the drama.

There is a rich tapestry of Knowing woven through my being, creating Vibrant, Vivid scenes and Rememberings.

Some will be teased out of me through movement, voice and prayer.

Some will remain hidden for a while longer.

How long? Who knows.

Only this can be truly known by the inner Knowing and willingness to listen to her.

So who is this inner Knowing?

She is within Me.

She is Wise,

She is tender,

She is Loyal,

She is Fierce,

She is Protective,

She is Soft,

She is Strong,

She is both within me and of me.

She Knows

She Knows

She Knows.

She Whispers gently (at first), encouraging you forwards to follow your path.

She peels back veils so if her whispers go unheard, you may see the signs laid bare before you if you only care to pay close attention.

Her whispers may become louder

Her gentle encouragement bolder


She knows

She knows

She knows.

And when She knows, when Your Knowing knows and you choose to lean in, to listen, to feel and to see, you too KNOW.

You, my darling, have always known because you and her are one and the same.

Is it your responsibility to listen to her and follow your Knowing, your heart and longings.

Sometimes these whispers may be small, innocuous and mundane

But sometimes there are bigger whispers we have been choosing not to hear because the ripples and waves it would create feel too big for us.

But my love, what if we trusted her as a child trusts their Mumma?

What if we let her hold our hands and heart when we feel scared, when we decide to lean in and listen to her?

Can you imagine the sheer beauty of possibility we could open ourselves up to?

The sheer vastness of what we are truly capable of?

Go within, get quiet, seek her out and listen for her.

Welcome her as she welcomes you.

Let her hold you gently as she illuminates your path for

She knows

She knows

She knows.


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