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A Self-Care Mind Holiday

Lavinia Brown (aka. BoboMama) shares her two-minute technique for an instant boost of self-care.

Knowing how to self-care – how to respond to our unique, emotional, mental and physical needs - so that we can manage our energy levels and remain calm and positive regardless of whichever curve balls life throws at us, is an invaluable skill.

Like all skills, however, it takes time to master. It is like a muscle that needs exercising, and the more we acknowledge what it is that we need in that very moment to restore our sense of perspective or balance, the closer it gets to becoming intuitive.

But what happens when we feel so frazzled that even the thought of doing anything remotely zen irritates us further?

When I feel like this, I remind myself that I don’t need to feel anything other than what I am feeling (all emotions welcome) and that maybe all I need is a bit of headspace – to simply come down a couple of notches on the overwhelm scale.

Which is where the mind holiday comes in!

Taking a mind holiday is just that – going on holiday with your mind.

How to take a Mind Holiday

Simply visualise your ‘happy place’ and imagine that you are physically there. Take in all the sights, smells, sounds and touch that you might experience: the sun on your skin, the smell of pine trees or wild herbs, a light breeze flowing through your hair, perhaps carrying a salty tang from the sea? 

The more detail you can insert into your visualisation the better, because – as countless research has shown - your mind literally cannot tell the difference between this and reality.

Which means you’ll enjoy the powerfully restorative benefits of having had a mini-break, without any of the hassle of airports, packing or passport control!

It’s the easiest and one of the most enjoyable 2-minute self-care hacks out there!

About Lavinia

Lavinia - aka BoboMama - is a qualified Transition Coach who supports women to reach their greatest potential.

She is also a corporate gender-equality and inclusion consultant, an author, speaker and mother of three.

You can find her at


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