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Day 8: Surya & Chandra Bedha Pranayama

On the eighth day of Christmas, yoga gave to me... two breath practices to help me harness the energy of the sun and the moon.

Surya and Chandra Bedha pranayama are two separate and beautifully effective breathing techniques that will help you tap into the the energy of the sun ("surya") and the moon ("chandra").

I guide you through how to perform both pranayama practices in this recording, but please note that they're not meant to be practiced side by side. Instead, I invite you to select the technique that'll help you cultivate the energy that you're seeking.

For example, you might practice a few rounds of Surya Bedha in the morning or when you need some focus to complete whatever tasks you have ahead of you with more zest. Lean into the calming effects of Chandra Bedha when you're feeling scattered or overwhelmed.


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