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Day 3: A Playlist for Peace

On the third day of Christmas, yoga gave to me... a soothing soundtrack of peaceful tunes to help me relax and unwind.

Music is one of my great loves. It is very rare that there isn’t music playing in my kitchen, in my ears or in the background as I practice. Music can shift energies and elevate emotions, and transform you to distant places, memories and times like nothing else I know. I love curating playlists for classes and workshops, and today’s offering is one of the playlists I created for our Self-Care Sunday Restorative practice. It's a soothing soundtrack that's perfect for quiet early morning reflective practices. Or perhaps it adds a soft tone to the end of your day and plays alongside your bath or evening read. However or wherever you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy it and it adds a little calm to your day.


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