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I just really wanted to offer you a small token of my appreciation for being here with me over the past few years.

When I set up my website, I was in the throws of huge transitions which affected every facet of my life and if Im honest, the after shock still continues to reverberate even now.

But through transitions, through change, my offerings and you, my lovely one, have been a constant and it is a joy to hold space for you and to share my practice /our practice together.

I am aware that nothing stays the same and just like we had to change and adapt over the covid years, so too do we need to refine again as we create our life post pandemic.

I adore teaching and creating classes and workshops and would love to continue doing so but with a greater emphasis on creating Holistic one off offerings so as to incorporate my Menopause Coaching and Health Coach qualifications. This way, we are more able to truly cultivate a life that has the understanding of what it is to create the foundations for a long and lasting healthy, balanced an vibrant life

I will be taking some time over the Summer to consider how I can best do this and serve you and I guess, this is where I would love to ask for your help.

I would love to ask you how I can best continue to show up and hold space.

Is it though regular classes (online and /or in person) Is it through workshops/monthly offerings / Day retreats.

Would you be interested in learning. about how I may support you through midlife ether on a 1 to1 basis or workshop?

Would you like access to past online classes?

I have so many ideas but would love to get a feel of where you are at and what you would like?

As a token of my gratitude for all the support you have gifted me over the past few years and in the hope that we may continue to grow and evolve together I would love to offer you a class from last year based on the HEART. (which you can view below)

And if you feel inclined to message me with your thoughts on future offerings then that would be beautiful, but if not, I hope you enjoy the class and continue to enjoy my offerings in whatever form they may take.

With all my love and gratitude

Ray xx

If you wish to use a playlist for your practice, this one wold work a treat!..


May it ignite your path towards an intentional life

With love

Ray xxx


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