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Gentle Stories for Tough Times

Two tender, hopeful, and nourishing books that I'm losing myself in and loving. Perfect for when you need to be transported elsewhere for just a moment.

Losing myself in a story is one of my greatest loves (family, yoga, and tea notwithstanding!). And reading feels even more of a joy at the moment.

It's a temporary pause on real life where we can let our imaginations conjure up a rich tapestry of images, characters and landscapes that can transport us into another time, another world, another universe for even a short period of time.

At the moment I'm seeking gentle stories that feel grounding, tender, and hopeful. These are two such books that fit that profile perfectly, and I highly recommend them both.

The Summer Book

by Tove Jansson

From the creator of the Moomin Books, The Summer Book is a beautiful, slow meandering tale of a summer spent on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland.

It follows an elderly artist and her six year old granddaughter and the love that blossoms between them as they explore the island and its rich offerings from nature. It's full of humour, tenderness and wisdom that has felt deeply nourishing at this time.

I'm actually reading this for the second time, and it feels just as comforting as the first read, if not more so.

Rootbound: Rewilding A Life

by Alice Vincent

It was the cover that first attracted me to this book, the vibrant green and beautiful orange drawing me in. I'm about a third of the way through and utterly loving it.

It's part memoir, part botanical history, part biography. It speaks to the therapeutic power of physically connecting with the earth, particularly when we feel as though we're losing our way in the world. Very apt for the current landscape of life.

Alice writes honestly and tenderly about her longing to connect with soil, nature and the freedom she experienced as a child in her family's gardens. When her life takes an unexpected turn, she begins to find joy, hope, and healing in the beauty of botany.


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