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Spring has finally sprung!

And doesn’t it feel good!

Alongside the flowers blooming and the tress blossoming, there is a real sense of everything and everyone waking up and getting out.

It feels like there has been the longest hibernation and even though we have been without lockdown restrictions for sometime now, the winter lengthened the felt sense of isolation for many of us.

I taught at a mini yoga festival the other week and I can not tell you how wonderful the energy was. To be amongst kindred spirits and in some cases, to see faces in real life for the first time in just over two years, was the most wonderful gift and greatest balm ever.

These last two years have gifted us so many pearls if we only take the time to seek them out. That is not to negate the pain, loneliness and loss that many of us have experienced, In fact far, far from it. But as is often the way, it is the extremes in life where the riches lie and growth and expansion take place. In 2020, we were put in a position which removed us from all the fast paced distractions of modern day living and coaxed into a space void of noise. We had the opportunity to become quite and see where we had been fleshing out our life so it appeared ‘full’ but perhaps this busyness and fullness was compelled of misplaced priorities?

Spring has the most profound, expansive energy. It has an ‘Up & Out’ energy that at first gently nudges us awake from a deep winters slumber, to take those first tentative steps towards our dreams and intentions. As the sun continues to cast its rays, warming the soil, our roots grow stronger, eventually propelling us up and out of the earth towards a new season. A new chapter. A new way of being.

This may of course all sound a little dramatic and occasionally, the changes we make in our life can be huge and dramatic. But often it is the small changes we make, the ones that create a small ripple effect that have the biggest impact. We often know what it is that is required of us to feel better, to experience more contentment within our lives and ‘live more’. It maybe as simple as moving our bodies on a daily basis, getting outside for a walk everyday. Connecting with friends, preparing more home cooked meals…….The things that lead to a richer life are absolutely within our power, we just require the opportunity to become curious enough to ask ourselves the questions, to listen intently and tease the insights we have gleaned apart from the background noise.

Spring brings her superpowers of focus and clarity.

She rubs the sleep from your eyes and guides you towards these insights.

In planning a yoga class, there is a concept known as Krama, This means everything is intentional. We move from the most simple to complex along the path of least resistance. Maybe we can look at our life the same way……After two years of a 'hibernation’ of sorts we can now distill some of the lessons learnt and be curious. What are my values? What is truly important to me? At the end of my life how would I like my life to have been? And then we create a path. A path that is intentional, a life that is intentional. We meet ourselves where we are, wherever that maybe, with the upmost compassion for ourselves and then step by step, we move towards our values. It is a journey where the terrain may change, where the path is undulating and periodically we will have to re-assess the route, but we are consistent in our effort, consistent in our krama. A journey that begins with a single step and is followed by another and then another.

Curiosity, Courage Consistency.

I am grateful for all that has bought me to this point.

I journey forward in love

I journey forward with courage

May you journey forward with love

May you journey forward with courage

I would love to offer you the practice below which was first offered in January 2022 and the accompanying playlist


May it ignite your path towards an intentional life

With love

Ray xxx


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