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Go with the flow...

Yoga for wellbeing of body and mind 

on and beyond the mat

Yoga is more than a set of shapes on a rectangular mat. It goes deeper than a physical practice that transforms your body with greater flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga teaches you to live with intention. It offers you the tools to ride the waves of life with grace and ease. 

Find your flow at one of Rachael's weekly yoga classes in and around Cambridge. There are plenty to choose from!

Deepen wellbeing of body and mind with Rachael's special yoga events including workshops and retreats

Classes, Wokshops & Retreats

“Rachael is by far one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I have ever met. Her classes always find the perfect balance between strength and grace, and her warm words and positive energy are sure to stay with you long after you have finished the physical practice”


Namaste, lovely!


Rachael was hooked on yoga the minute she stepped onto a mat over twenty years ago. Since then, she's completed multiple yoga teacher trainings, become a mumma to three gorgeous girls, and learned how to sit still (some of the time, at least). 

Rachael teaches regular yoga classes across Cambridge in her signature style of Intentional Flow as well as restorative and pregnancy yoga. She is also a teacher training tutor and ambassador for Sweaty Betty. 

Off the mat, Rachael loves curling up in front of Eastenders with a cup of Yorkshire tea and a chocolate HobNob, walking her labradoodles, and bottling her own blends of essential oils. 

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Yoga Events


  • 03 Jan, 19:30 – 07 Feb, 20:30
    For the last couple of years, I have liked to kick start the new year with a back to basic themed course. And this year it feels as pertinent and relevant as ever!
  • 12 Feb, 10:00 – 12:00
    Join me for a special extended practice combing elements from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. We will travel through an exquisite practice using movement, breathe, essential oils and wellness practices guiding us towards a radiant H E A R T.
  • 01 Apr, 10:00 – 17:00
    PAUS, Toft Rd, Toft, Cambridge CB23, UK
    A DAY RETREAT @ PAUS.....As the stillness and inert nature of winter slowly begins to yield and give way to the vibrancy and dynamism of Spring, we will explore through yoga & other wellness practices, how the season, surges through nature as well as ourselves.

Alongside Rachael's regular yoga classes, here are the special events, classes, workshops and retreats that are coming up. View Rachael's class schedule here >

Yoga This Month
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Download My Ritual Guide

For an insight into my daily morning routine and some tips on how to set up your day in a gentle, mindful and positive way

download my Intentional Mornings Ritual Guide featuring:

  • yoga

  • essential oils

  • pranayama

  • meditation and more!

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