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Rest well, sleep deep and wake up in the morning feeling rested, restored and ready for the new day ahead. Based on the Rest Well Sleep Deep rollerball, but with the addition of Rose, this relaxing pillow mist is a beautiful and harmonious addition to your Sleep routine.


MANDARIN: The Oil of Sweet Peace and Comfort 

Mandarin is quietly up-lifting and adds positive energy to your thoughts. . It can help you navigate from a negative outlook to one of more positivity. It helps to bring a feeling of clarity and ease to a scattered mind . Mandarin helps to elicit feelings of safety and has a calming whilst  believed to encourage peaceful rdeams, so can be a beautiful oil to add to your nighttime routine encourage peaceful sound sleep.


BLUE & ROMAN CHAMOMILE: Calm, Peaceful & Content

Blue chamomile is both calming and cooling and deeply nourishing for both body and mind. Roman and Blue chamomile can be used to help ease the incessant chatter we often find we are left with at the end of the day and help heal any frayed nerves. Inhaling these oils gives you a send of wellbeing and that all is going to be ok. They can help settle emotions and emotional outbursts associated with hormonal shifts.  Both oils will encourage calmness to every aspect of your self. With these oils, peace and tranquillity are never far away.


VETIVER: Centre & Descend

Vetiver can assist us in remaining grounded . It brings the individual back into focus and back to ground. Rooted in the physical world without avoiding the ebbs and flows of life. Vetiver assists us in looking inwards, guiding us towards the root of emotional issues . journey to the centre of ourself. . It helps keeps thoughts aligned with personal trust. It allows us to flow and move through life , and uses the experience of life to grow. We are rooted but we feel free and spacious.


ROSE: All That Is

Rose helps you maintain you focus and attention on your heat chakra and love. Keeping this aroma in your field encourages compassion, kindness and tolerance, extending to yourself as well as to others It is also thought to reduce stress and worry, alleviate anxiety and help ease symptoms of depression. Use Rose when you need to nurture yourself and encourage joy and happiness.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Spray directly onto your pillow and or around your bedroom to infuse the air with a calming and relaxing vibe.

    This Intentional Blend contains the following essential oils:

    • Mandarin
    • Blue & Roman Chamomile
    • Vetiver
    • Vanilla
    • Rose
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