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Prepare for a night of deep, restful sleep with our Rest Well Sleep Deep Rollerball. This soothing blend is designed to help you relax and unwind at the end of your day, guiding you into a peaceful slumber. Lavender, chamomile, vetiver, mandarin, blue, and Roman chamomile come together to ease you into a state of profound rest, tranquility, and eventually, sleep.


Key Features: 10ml

🌙 Soothing Essential Oils: Rest Well Sleep Deep combines a harmonious blend of vetiver, benzoin, lavender, mandarin, blue chamomile, and Roman chamomile to create a tranquil atmosphere for a night of deep sleep.

😴 Deep Rest and Ease: Our rollerball helps you let go of the day's worries, relax, and prepare your body and mind for a beautiful and restful sleep.

🌌 Nighttime Bliss: Apply to the soles of your feet, the back of your neck, and pulse points, then inhale softly through the nose. As you exhale, release through a slightly open mouth, extending the exhale for ultimate relaxation.


About the Essential Oils:

  • Vetiver - Centre & Descend: Vetiver promotes grounding and introspection, guiding you to the root of your emotional issues and strengthening self-trust. It helps you flow through life with greater ease while feeling rooted yet spacious.

  • Benzoin - Stabilise & Transform: Benzoin's vanilla-like scent instills calm and deep peace, fostering feelings of being held and supported. It encourages focused thinking and mental clarity.

  • Lavender - The Oil of Communication & Transformation: Lavender encourages emotional honesty and soothes turbulent emotions. It clears the mind of exhaustion, stress, and anxiety, traveling to where your body needs healing and cleansing.

  • Mandarin - The Oil of Sweet Peace and Comfort: Mandarin is quietly uplifting, infusing positivity and clarity. It helps you shift from negativity to a positive outlook and elicits feelings of safety, encouraging peaceful dreams for sound sleep.

  • Blue & Roman Chamomile - Calm, Peaceful & Content: Blue and Roman chamomile are calming, cooling, and deeply nourishing for body and mind. They soothe the mind, healing frayed nerves, and offer a sense of wellbeing and emotional calmness, perfect for a peaceful night's sleep.


Relax, Unwind, Sleep Deep.

Discover the beauty of restful sleep with the Rest Well Sleep Deep Rollerball. Unwind, let go, and prepare for the night ahead.

Experience the tranquility of a night filled with deep rest and rejuvenation.



Relax, unwind, and embrace the serenity of a deep and restful sleep with Rest Well Sleep Deep. Your path to nighttime bliss begins here.

Rest Well Sleep Deep Rollerball

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