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Embrace the warmth, grounding, and nurturing embrace of our HELD Rollerball.

This soothing blend of essential oils is designed to help you connect with your physical body and your heart, allowing you to feel held, protected, and nurtured, especially during moments of instability. The blend features patchouli, vetiver, myrrh, ylang ylang, howood, and vanilla absolute, creating a sense of security and inner strength.


Key Features:n 10ml

🌲 Warm, Woody, and Grounding: HELD Rollerball envelops you in a comforting, warm, and woody embrace, grounding you in the physicality of your body and connecting you to your heart.

💖 Feel Held and Protected: This blend encourages you to feel held, protected, and nurtured, providing a sense of security during times of uncertainty.

🪴 A Heart-Centered Blend: HELD Rollerball fosters a heart-centered connection, allowing you to access your inner intuition, cultivate self-esteem, and nurture an attitude of loving kindness toward yourself and others.



Usage Instructions:

Apply HELD Rollerball to pulse points, your chest, or throat. Inhale and exhale soft, slow, and gentle breaths of balanced length. Please read our Safety Disclaimer for guidance.

About the Essential Oils:

  • Patchouli - Dropping Into Presence & Physicality: Patchouli's rich and earthy aroma cultivates presence and peace in both body and mind. It stabilizes and grounds, bridging the gap between spirit and body, and calms the nervous system.

  • Vetiver - Centre & Descend: Vetiver keeps you grounded and focused, guiding you inward to the root of emotional issues. It strengthens self-trust and allows you to flow through life with ease, feeling both rooted and spacious.

  • Myrrh - The Oil of Mother Earth: Myrrh invokes the reassuring presence of the 'mother,' fostering feelings of compassion, kindness, and g