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Elevate your well-being and cultivate alignment of body, breath, and mind with our exquisite Balance Me Rollerball. This harmonious blend of essential oils is designed to soothe anxiety and tension, ushering in a sense of ease and softness in your life. Whether you're seeking serenity on your yoga mat or tranquility in your daily routine, this rollerball is your passport to balance and calm.


Key Features: 10ml

🌿 Balancing Essential Oils: Our Balance Me Rollerball is a proprietary blend of natural treasures, featuring myrrh, orange, lavender, chamomile, and geranium. These oils work in unison to bring you a deep sense of equilibrium.


🧘‍♀️ Alignment of Body, Breath & Mind: Inhale and exhale as you apply this rollerball to your pulse points, chest, or throat. Breathe in the soft, slow, and gentle essence, allowing your breaths to harmonize in perfect balance.


💆‍♂️ Relaxing and Grounding: Myrrh, the "Oil of Mother Earth," brings feelings of compassion and safety, relaxing your muscles and preparing your body for restful sleep.


😄 Joy and Prosperity: Orange oil, with its sweet and sunny disposition, infuses your heart with joy and confidence, magnifying your sense of abundance and prosperity.


😌 Calm and Peace: Roman chamomile, known for its calming and soothing properties, eases the mind's chatter and promotes tranquillity, like a warm embrace for your emotions.


🌼 Clear Communication: Lavender, the "Oil of Communication & Transformation," encourages emotional honesty, clears the mind, and soothes turbulent emotions, leaving you with mental clarity and serenity.


❤️ Restorative Balance and Love: Geranium, the "Oil of Restorative Balance, Love & Trust," fosters wholeness, peace, and balance in both body and mind. It supports personal transformation, nurturing the heart and quieting the logical mind.



Usage Instructions:

Apply the Balance Me Rollerball to your pulse points, chest, or throat. Inhale and exhale soft, slow, and gentle breaths to achieve the perfect balance. Please read our Safety Disclaimer for further guidance.


About the Essential Oils:


  • Myrrh - The Oil of Mother Earth: Myrrh invokes the presence of the 'mother,' promoting feelings of compassion and grounding. Its muscle-relaxing properties prepare you for restful sleep.

  • Orange - Sweet & Sunny Disposition: Orange oil ushers joy, confidence, and prosperity into your life. It encourages focus and clarity, inviting you to embrace your inner courage and true splendor.

  • Roman Chamomile - Calm, Peaceful & Content: Roman chamomile calms and soothes the mind, offering a warm embrace of tranquility. It helps manage emotional outbursts and encourages peace.

  • Lavender - The Oil of Communication & Transformation: Lavender encourages emotional honesty and soothes turbulent emotions, clearing the mind of stress and anxiety.

  • Geranium - The Oil of Restorative Balance, Love & Trust: Geranium fosters wholeness, peace, and balance. It supports personal transformation, nurtures unconditional love, and encourages stillness and rest.


Balance your mind, nurture your emotions, and embrace a life of serenity and abundance with the Balance Me Rollerball. Let the aromatic wonders of these essential oils guide you to perfect harmony and balance. Contact us today to purchase this divine elixir for just ÂŁ12.


Experience balance and calm like never before.

Balance Me Rollerball

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