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Essential Oils for Autumn

A simple, nourishing and grounding ritual infused with essential oils to help you transition into Autumn, and a special offer on my Intentional Blends.

The move towards Autumn is becoming more and more tangible — the morning are cooler, the evenings darker and the leaves are gradually blushing from green to red.

With temperatures subsiding, gentle breezes pick up momentum and the sticky, moist air gives way to a dries, more 'airy' quality.

Autumn often feels dry, rough, windy, erratic and cool. The same qualities represented by Vata dosha. And given that like increases like, many of us may begin to feel a little off balance, untethered and perhaps a little anxious as we tumble into Autumn.

A simple oils ritual

When I notice these feelings at this time of year, I reach for essential oils. From September, I begin to use my a two specific Intentional Blends of mine more often in a simple daily ritual.

In the mornings, I apply Held to the soles of my feet after my shower and then spritz myself all over with Balance Me spray.

The ritual of massaging the feet is a hugely grounding and calming practice in and of itself. But this, coupled with the earthy qualities of patchouli, vetiver, myrrh and ylang ylang in my essential oil Intentional Blends, weaves an additional layer of healing into this ritual.

Inhaling the fine mist of Balance Me has a similar effect. It requires us to pause, centre, breathe slowly and fully before we resume our day.

An offer for you

Simple, quick and nourishing, this little Autumn ritual of mind becomes a wonderful way for me to anchor my scattered mind back into the body. And I'd love to offer you the same experience.

For the rest of the month of September 2020, you can purchase these two of my favourite essential oil blends for Autumn at a discounted price.


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