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A beautifuaddition to Savasana. A blend incorporating oils to connect you to the physicality of your body alongside those which blanket you in a warming, grounding & nurturing energy.
Use this oil in restorative/quieter practices or apply when you enter the luminous space of Savasana



Patchouli supports you to become fully present in your physical body, helping you feel more grunded yet fluid.It helps to elicit a calming effect on your nervous system and a gentle stilling of the heart and mind 


Mandarin is quietly uplifiting and infused with positivity. It can help you navigate negativity towards a more positive outlook and can bring clarity and ease to a scattered mind. Mandarin helps to elcit feelings of safety and has a calming effect, believed to encourage peaceful dreams. Perfect for encouraging a sound nights sleep.



Rose helps you to maintain your focus and attention on your heart chakra and love. Keeping this aroma in your field encourages compassion, kindness and tolerance, extending to yourself as well as to others.It is also thought to alleviate anxiety and help ease symptoms of mild depression. 


This slightly sweet, earthy oil is said to have mild analgesic properties and is also a muscle relaxant


The sweet comforting aroma of vanilla is noted to be highly effective for helping relieve mild anxiety and depression. It has been shown to lower blood pressure, alleviate muscle tension and elicit a calming effect on the mind. It has mild sedative properties which can be helpful in calming the nervous system as well as reducing restlessness. Vanilla acts as both a relaxant as well as mood booster!

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10ml  |  £14

This blend contains the following essential oils. You can read more about the oils below.

  • Mandarin

  • Rose

  • Patchouli

  • Vanilla

  • Howood

Apply to the soles of the feet, centre of your chest, pulse points or anywhere you feel drawn to applying. Alternatively, you can place some into the palm of your hand, rub palms together and inhale. 


Please read Safety Disclaimer.

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Safety Disclaimer

For external use only. Although these essential oils have been blended, avoid contact with the eyes and mucus membranes and eyes. If the blends get into your eyes, wash them out with a vegetable oil (eg. olive oil,) instead of water. 


If you have sensitive skin, you might like to perform a patch test before using the blends. Place a small amount on the back of your wrist and leave for around an hour. If irritation or redness occurs wash the area with olive oil then cold water, and avoid using the oil. 


Please note that I am not registered with any official aromatherapy bodies, and have not been formally trained. Contact me if you're unsure about how best to use my range of Intentional Blends.

Safety Disclaimer
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