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Tue, 28 Jun




By design, our body is continuously trying to navigate towards a place of balance, wellness & optimum functioning ~ A state known as homeostasis. We will explore the Ayurveda concepts Brhmana & Langhana using yoga & breath work as a tools to cultivate homeostasis for overall health & wellness.

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Time & Location

28 Jun 2022, 19:30 – 12 Jul 2022, 19:30




When our body is stable and has a steady internal environment (think consistent and appropriate temperature, energy, hormonal levels, immune function, digestive systems, blood pressure… etc), we experience a deep sense of wellness /vitality and health.

Depending on our life style, the choices we make and the activities that we pursue, these external factors will either positively or negatively affect our bodies homeostasis.

Being aware of how we are feeling or experiencing in any given moment is an important skill when wishing to influence our body’s homeostasis. Without awareness and an understanding of what it means and in-deed feels like, to be in harmony (or in dis-ease), we have little chance of being able to navigate our way back towards a place of balance and ease. However, it is not simply enough to just have awareness. Knowledge and awareness is great-always, but knowledge without action is simply latent power.

In this mini series, we will therefore be looking to the ancient science of Ayurveda and the practices of yoga and pranayama which offers us practical tools to guide our miraculous body and mind to a place of homeostasis and wellness 

using the model of Brhmana (practices which expand, heat and energise) and Langhana (practices which diminsh, lessen, cool and calm) based on where we are now in this moment.

I so look forward sto sharing these practices of yoga and wellness with you 


£21 for the block of 3

£8 drop in

Classes are all live-streamed online between 19:30 and 20:30 and can be practiced in the sanctuary of your own space. You will receive a link for this class @6pm Tuesday. You'll also receive a recording the following morning that you can access for 6 days in case you can't attend live.

Next steps:

1. Once you've registered for the class online, you'll receive an email requesting payment in order to secure your spot. Once you've made payment, your spot is secured and you'll receive the link each week as per the details above.

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