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Sat, 26 Nov




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Time & Location

26 Nov 2022, 12:00 – 18:00

PAUS, Toft Rd, Toft, Cambridge CB23, UK



Autumn is a time for dropping in and gathering up our hard worked for fruits that will satiate and nourish us over the winter months. Just as the leaves change from vibrant emerald to rich ruby and golden hues, we too experience an autumn in our life and monthly cycle. Our autumn season, is seen as a time where we become more intune with the Enchantress (or medicine woman) who patiently resides within each and eveyone of us.

The Enchantress, appears during the pre-menstrual stage of our menstrual cycle and the perimenopausal phase of our lives. Her characteristics are embodied in Autumns rich intoxicating energy of drawing inwards and seeing beneath the vaneer as the branches and fields are laid bare…..

She is powerful and carries great healing power in her wisdom. Her energy gifts us our intuition, our inner knowing, and our power to heal. Yet her illogical ways can make make her frightening and unpredictable.

As we enter the pre menstrual stage of our cycle or the peri menopause, our enchantress becomes less concerned with being seen as the ‘mother’ (all loving / all giving), the people pleaser and the one who tends to everyone else’s needs before herself, She sees that forging forwards and onwards with little time to stop and pause is NOT the way.

Our inner medicine woman recoginises that it is infact impossible to continue moving forwards, evolving and expanding, if we fail to pause and take precious time to draw inwards and reflect. She knows that healing and growing isn’t simply placing a plaster over our wounds, biting our lip,  and just carrying on, but rather a beautiful and vital process that requires time, solitude and periods of introspection.

She needs to move, she needs to feel, she needs to breathe fully and deeply and marinade in the heart of every experience. She has had enough of sensoring herslef, of swallowing down her dreams, thoughts and feelings. It is time to let her untamed and uncensored self, rise to her glorious surface and live life fully, intuitively, gently…

At the heart of embracing and becoming intitmate with our inner enchantress is cultivating time to listen intently, with a tender curiosity to what our body is telling us and act accordingly with exquisite self love and care.

She is untamed and uncensored. She is powerful and honest. She is the medicine and she’s connected to a beautiful healing undercurrent of magic.

Come and join me for a day of exuisite self care where we will create a space to get to know our inner enchantress and medicine woman. Autumn beautifully encapsulates this idea of shedding our layers and sets the perfect backdrop to become exposed, brave, vulnerable, golden…

We will spend unhurried time with slow nourishing movement and restorative yoga. Use essential oils and breathing practices and carve out pockets of time to journal, to reflect, to be at ease with all aspects of ourself. Nourishing home cooked food and bathing under the fresh autumnal air in the wood fired hot tubs will further provide the perfect ingrediants to drop deeper and listen tenderly to our beautuful, full spectrum self.

I so hope you can join me.

With love

Ray x




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