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Are you a devoted yogi or wellness enthusiast seeking to elevate your self-care and morning rituals?


Look no further than our Uplift & Harmonise Essential Oil Blend! This invigorating, soul-soothing elixir is your ticket to achieving emotional balance, inner confidence, and a radiant sense of self. Delve into a world of harmony and abundance with the exquisite fusion of grapefruit and orange essential oils.


Key Benefits: 10ml

✨ Energizing & Uplifting: Kickstart your day or enhance your self-care routine with this revitalizing blend. Embrace each morning with a positive outlook, and uplift your spirits whenever you need a refreshing boost.


🌸 Harmonising & Balancing: Achieve emotional equilibrium and inner peace as the floral and zesty aroma of Uplift & Harmonise Essential Oil Blend engulfs your senses. It's the perfect tool for harmonizing your life and cultivating a sense of balance.


🍊 Orange Oil - The Oil of Abundance: Discover the incredible power of orange essential oil. This oil radiates joy and inner confidence, infusing your heart with compassion and kindness. Keep your mind sharp, connect to fresh ideas, and take inspired actions in your life.


🍇 Grapefruit Oil - The Oil of Honoring the Body: Grapefruit essential oil is your ally in building a stronger sense of 'self' and shedding emotional baggage. It encourages trust, self-love, and respect for your physical body. Its purifying and stimulating properties help cleanse and balance your body.


Usage Instructions:

To experience the full benefits of Uplift & Harmonise, follow these simple steps:

  • Roll a small amount of Uplift & Harmonise onto your palms.

  • Close your eyes, take a slow, full breath in through your nose.

  • Exhale and repeat the process, allowing the aromatic essence to envelope you.

  • Embrace the newfound balance and vitality this blend brings into your life.



Please be mindful of sun exposure when applying Uplift & Harmonise, especially if your skin will be exposed to strong sunlight due to the grapefruit essential oil, which can make the skin more susceptible to UV radiation.

Empower yourself to honor your body and invite abundance into your life with Uplift & Harmonise Essential Oil Blend. This fusion of grapefruit and orange oils is your key to self-love, balance, and a life full of fresh possibilities. Reconnect with your truest splendor and open your heart to love, nurture, and comfort from yourself and others.


Don't miss the opportunity to embrace harmony and abundance today. Elevate your wellness journey with Uplift & Harmonise Essential Oil Blend, and let the transformation begin. Namaste. 🧘🌿

Uplift & Harmonise Essential Oil Blend Rollerball

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