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Tue, 13 Jun




Join me online for a playful & light hearted exploration of the 5 most popular Hindu Goddess. Each week we will take a different Goddess & explore her energies & properties through asana, mudras, mantra & breath work. The Goddess is not separate to us but rather, her energies reside within us all

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13 Jun 2023, 19:30 BST – 04 Jul 2023, 20:30 BST




In this 5 week series, we will take a journey through 5 of the most popular Hindu Goddesses.

Each week a different glorious Goddess explored through the means of movement, mudra (energetic hand seals), mantra/affirmations and breath work.

In HInduism, the primordial energies are divided into Male and Female ~ Shiva / Shakti. It is a delicate and intricate dance where nothing can exist without the existance of the other. Two opposing but totally complimentry forces. 

The Goddess series will explore the feminine/Shakti and the many different incarnations /avatars that embody the various aspects of the great divine energies. These energies surround the natural world as well as being found within oursleves and it is when we recognise that the Goddess is not seperate too us but rather part of us, that we can really beign to feel the full transformative power of the Goddess.  They are energies that reside with in us all ~ regardless of gender.

When we are in need of drawing strnegth, courage, creativity, acceptance or love, we can call on one of the many Goddesses who has that energy risiding within us to assist, elevate and fortify us in our lives. 

The Goddess we shall practice alongside are...

LAKSHMI~ Goddess of Wealth, Abundance and Good Fortune

DURGA~ Goddess of Protection. A warrior who is fearless and is simultainiously feared and adored

SARASWATI~ Goddess of Knowledge, Creativity and Music.

KALI~ Goddess of Time, Preservation, and Destruction. The dark one

PARVARTI~ Goddess of Fertility and Love, recognized as a benevolent and loving mother.

Hinduism and the Gods and Goddess are drenched  with colour, tradition, stories and symbolism of which we will also explore in these joy filled, expansive  practices to leave us all the richer for invoking their energies epsecially when we then carry these practices with us into our everyday life.

I am so excited to share these special sessions with you!

It is always wonderful to share these practices with you live via zoom but , I know how life can be, which is why you are also able to sign up and receive the recording link (as well as the live link) in case you cant make it.

This 5-week series is bookable as a block @ £35 or of course if you prefer to ‘drop in’ you can do so as a dropin @ £8 a class.

On booking your place, you will automatically receive both  the zoom link to the live stream Tuesday evening an hour before class & the recording early on Wednesday morning .

Next steps:

1. Once you've registered for the class online, you'll receive an email requesting payment in order to secure your spot. Once you've made payment, your spot is secured and you'll be sent more information on how to access the live class and recording.

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