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Wed, 23 Mar



The Cornerstones of A Healthy Midlife & Beyond

A 6 Week online course supported by additional online resources, where we explore the main cornerstones of a healthy midlife & beyond & how we can use Yoga, Breath work, Nutrition & Wellbeing tools for a life of exquisite vitality, balance & ease.

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The Cornerstones of A Healthy Midlife & Beyond
The Cornerstones of A Healthy Midlife & Beyond

Time & Location

23 Mar 2022, 19:00 GMT – 27 Apr 2022, 20:30 BST




My dream for a very long time now has been to create a beautiful offering based around the idea of holistic health & intentional living as we move into both midlife & beyond. An offering that welcomes you just as you are. A place where we feel safe, heard & able to unfurl at our own beautiful pace. Becoming familiar with the cornerstones of health & wellness to create a foundation that is strong, vibrant & joy filled so as we may live our own version of a full & exquisite Midlife...

As we traverse into midlife, many of us will experience an unravelling of sorts. A realisation that things are changing, That we are changing.

The swathes of oestrogen dancing through our body since puberty, now begins to seriously alter course and decline. No longer steady, peaking at certain times of the month, this amazing powerhouse of a hormone is now behaving erratically . Sometimes she’s up, and life feels ok again. But other times, our oestrogen levels (along with progesterone) plummets and as a result we can experience epic ebbs and flows of emotions, overwhelm, anxiety

an unravelling and a deep bone tired lethargy.

Menopause will happen to every single one of us and God willing, we will spend at least a third of our lives in this next phase. It is a time of change, transition and transformation, and whilst for some individuals there will be few, If any symptoms, for the vast majority of us, there is a huge array of symptoms we may experience over the years from vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes & or night sweats, to physical and emotional shifts. We have oestrogen receptors all over our bodies which gives you an indication as to how and why the symptoms of peri/menopause can be so vast and have the potential to affect pretty much every system in our body. Our Cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal and digestive systems along with, cognition may all be affected to some degree or another. And whilst this may at first feel daunting and at times a little bleak, there is SO much that we can do to to ensure that we not only arm ourselves with knowledge but that we then implement this knowledge to empower and enhance our lives. We all know knowledge is power, but it is

simply latent knowledge if we don’t know how to put it to use!!

It is my deepest wish and intention then with this offering, to create something that is accessible, practical and relevant to you. Wether you are experiencing the first whispers that things are a little different, (perhaps your cycle is changing, maybe its your sleep, your mood or energy) or wether you are in the midst of going through frequent hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, debilitating tiredness, emotional shifts...This offering will meet you tenderly where you are and together we will explore the cornerstones of health and wellness that will support

you in this next chapter.   There will be an emphasis on using different modalities like breath, movement, rest, nutrition, cognition and energy work to support our hormonal health and nervous System so as we may navigate our next chapter and life with Resilience, Grace and Joy


A 90 minute live meeting via zoom of which over half of the session will be given to movement, breath and stress regulatory practices. This, alongside information sharing, discussion, journaling and/or reflection.  To be supported by:  Online content added each week to include PDFs, an audio stand alone breath practice and/or guided relaxation, a recording of the live class and where appropriate information on holistic health practices, essential oils and nutritional advice supporting that weeks theme.

WEEK 1  WE BEGIN WHERE WE ARE..... We begin where we are . Aware and awake to the changes within and around us. We will take a look at the main hormonal shifts that are unfolding during the peri and menopausal transitions and why the effects can be so far reaching for us physically, physiologically, psychologically and




It’s a biggie and effects every single one of us and every single facet of our being. In this session, we will begIn to understand the detrimental role stress plays on our bodies and how simple, effective and accessible stress regulation techniques, such as movement, breath, massage and essential oils can assist us in re-calibrating our nervous system so as it is in a place of balance and increased resilience.


THE DELICATE DANCE BETWEEN YOUR HORMONES, BRAIN, GUT AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM FOR A LIFE LIVED WELL  Why looking after our Brain, Gut and Digestive health is so incredibly vital for our overall health and wellness not just today but for the years ahead.... We will take a brief look at the role of our brain and gut health for healthy hormone production, the role of thyroid health in female wellbeing and how cortisol has much to answer for when it comes to weight gain in midlife Importantly, we will then look at ways we can achieve and restore balance through nutrition, hydration and living a life well through holistic health practices.



Living an exquisite midlife is all about having access to a wide and varied toolbox. In this session, we look to movement and how a varied movement palette is so vital for our overall health and wellbeing. With a considered and mindful approach we have the tools literally at our fingertips for warding off Sarcopenia, Osteoporosis and alzheimers as well as increasing levels of fitness and maybe most importantly vitality .

WEEK 5 AND WHERE THERE IS MOVEMENT, SO TO MUST THERE BE REST & SLEEP Perhaps one of the most important cornerstones of wellbeing is good quality Sleep. Sleep however can be elusive during these years, the effects of which can feel debilitating on every aspect of our being. But I promise you, there is so much we can do to ease our tired minds and

body toward deep restorative sleep. We look at how we can prepare for a good nights sleep from the moment we wake in the

morning. We take a gentle restorative practice coupled with calming breath work and essential oils to bring our bodies and minds to a place conducive for rest.

WEEK 6 FUTURE VISIONING & JOY!  It’s interesting to note that many Eastern cultures do not have a direct word for menopause, the closest translation in Japanese is KONENKI, which roughly translates as a period of renewal, bringing with it a renewed sense of purpose, growth and possability. Similarly in Chinese culture,

menopause is simply referred to as ‘Second Spring’, viewed as a time of reverence, wisdom and growth.

We will spend at least a third of our lives in this next chapter, so how we wish to spend it and see ourselves is of vital importance. Giving priority and (re)connecting to your purpose, creativity, joys & passion..... Now is the time where we can step into our power and into our light, designing how we wish our second spring to look, feel and taste. This is a glorious time to be alive and I am so excited to see where you choose to place your light.


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