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Tue, 10 May




Join me in this 5 week series as we tap into the powerful & insightful 4 main phases of the moon and how she mirrors the 4 phases within our cycle & nature.

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10 May 2022, 19:30 – 07 Jun 2022, 20:30




Luna, Selene, Chandra, Moon…..Just some of the names given to the iridescent pearl floating in the inky black night sky.

Revered and worshipped through the millennia, the moon in many cultures (although not all) is depicted as a feminine energy. This feminine energy is experienced as yin, which is reflected through softer, cooler, darker energies that allow us to flow with nature and our intrinsic cycles. Her energy enables us to be, to receive, to ebb and flow with emotions and to surrender.

Menstruation is derived from Greek and Latin words to mean Month and Moon and similar to the moon, connects us not only to nature but, if we choose to look, powerful insights into our physical, emotional and energetic health.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the cycle of the moon is 29.5 days and our menstrual cycle is (on average) 28 days.

Over the 29.5 days of the Moons cycle, she will traverse through different phases from new to full . Each phase, emitting a different energy, power and insight.

Similarly, a woman will traverse through different phases of her menstrual cycle, from bleeding, to ovulation to pre menstrual. Each phase, a different hormonal ebb and flow. Each shift equally powerful, potent and imbued with insight. And in the past, we would be in sync with the moon, bleeding on a new moon, ovulating when the moon was full and at her most powerful.

Whilst many of us may no longer sync regularly with the moon, there is so much still to be gleaned from her distinct phases and how they are beautifully reflected In our own 4 phases of our cycle. Indeed, for those who no longer have a cycle or who have never had one, there is still much to be gleaned from harnessing a deeper understanding of these feminine, yin, potent energies and female archetypes so as we may live a life of increased harmony, balance and vitality.

Each week, our practice, we will explore each of these stages in more detail with mindful sequencing of yoga asanas, breathing practices and mudras with reference to the moon, our cycle, season and archetype.

A Beautiful, Powerful, Compelling Synchronicity of how we are reflected in her, and her within us.








£35 for the block of 5

£8 drop in

Classes are all live-streamed online between 19:30 and 20:30 and can be practiced in the sanctuary of your own space. You will receive a link for this class @6pm Tuesday. You'll also receive a recording the following morning that you can access for 6 days in case you can't attend live.

Next steps:

1. Once you've registered for the class online, you'll receive an email requesting payment in order to secure your spot. Once you've made payment, your spot is secured and you'll receive the link each week as per the details above.

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