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Sun, 11 Dec




A delicious 90-minute in person practice of both gentle flow and restorative yoga cultivating balance and tranquility as we enter the fallow period of winter. Essential oils will add another layer to this nourishing practice

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11 Dec 2022, 10:00 – 11:30




In Tradtional Chinese Medicne, WInter is the fallow season. The time of year where mother earth beckons nature to yield, to go within, and deeply rest.

There is a contraction in nature and energy is reserved as the days grow shorter, darker, colder. Movement and growth (almost but not quite ) ceases.

The Kidneys, paired with urinary bladder. are the organs and meridians associated with Winter in TCM. Our kidneys store Jing, (or essence) a dense formof Qi. As a pair, they help regulate how we use this essence through our lifetime, as well as the cyclical rhythm of the ever changing seasons and circadian rhythms in our body. The kidneys are seen as the ‘Foundation of Life’ and when they are weak, our ability to live a full vibrant, integrated life is compromised. Along with the kidneys, water is also associat ed with winter. Winter, the yinnist of all seasons and as such, water’s cooling qualities, invites a more introspective take on life and encourages a downward flow. Water is maliable, changeable, fluid, strong yet soft…

In this nourishing 90 minute practice, we will flow though gentle fluid  and restorative yoga sequences to not only bring harmony and balance to the kidneys but to hel cultivate the fluid felt sense of water to cultivate waters inner stillness, calm and quiet resilience and soft strength

Specially selected essential oils will be used to add an additional energtic laer to thie practice

I so hope you can join me in this Winter pause

WIth love

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Investment ~ £15 

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