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The Moon & I


Join me in this 5 week series as we tap into the powerful & insightful 4 main phases of the moon and how she mirrors the 4 phases within our life & nature. Revered and worshipped through the millennia, the moon in many cultures (although not all) is depicted as a feminine energy. This feminine energy is experienced as yin, which is reflected through softer, cooler, darker energies, allowing us to flow with nature and our intrinsic cycles. Her energy enables us to be, to receive, to ebb and flow with emotions and to surrender. It matters not if you have a cylce, are peri to post menopausal, or have never had a cycle. Tapping into the moons beautiful energy and the distinct phases of her cycle will help harness a deeper understanding of these feminine, yin, potent energies and the female archetypes associated with her phases so as we may live a life with increased harmony, balance and vitality, in both the cycles within and around us. Each practice, will explore one of the 4 main phases of the moon (new, waxing, full and waining) with mindful sequencing of yoga asanas, breathing practices and mudras, referencing her energy, our hormonal landscape, season and archetype. Advice: If you have an injury or medical condition, please contact your GP/Consultant to discuss if this practice is suitable. Alternatively you can contact me on to seek my suggestion. Remember, all our bodies are different, and we must honour ourselves wherever we are when we come to the mat. If at any point a pose feels uncomfortable or painful, gently come out of it or use props to support you. Go gently, be kind with yourself and don't force or push anything.





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