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The Gift of Asana


Sometimes the beauty and powerful simplicity of our yoga practice can get buried beneath complicated themes and intentions and at times, what is most needed, is to strip the practice back to its beautiful bones and adopt a beginners mind. How does this group of asanas make me feel? How do I experience it in my body and on an energetic level? Does it have an emotional component for me? Each practice in this five week course will therefore focus on a different asana category (ie, standing/forward /back/side bends etc) whilst exploring the physical, energetic and emotional effects they have on our body-heart-mind. Advice: If you have an injury or medical condition, please contact your GP/Consultant to discuss if this practice is suitable. Alternatively you can contact me on to seek my suggestion. Remember, all our bodies are different, and we must honour ourselves wherever we are when we come to the mat. If at any point a pose feels uncomfortable or painful, gently come out of it or use props to support you. Go gently, be kind with yourself and don't force or push anything.





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