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Finding Homeostasis For A Life Lived Well


When our body is stable with a steady internal environment (think consistent and appropriate temperature, energy, hormonal levels, immune function, etc), we experience a deep sense of vitality and health. Depending on our life style and the choices we make, these external factors will either positively or negatively affect our bodies homeostasis. Being aware of how we are feeling or what we are experiencing in any given moment is an important skill when wishing to influence our body’s homeostasis. In this mini 3 class series, we will be looking to the ancient science of Ayurveda and the practices of yoga and pranayama which offers us practical tools to guide our miraculous body and mind toward a place of homeostasis and wellness We explore the models of Brahmana (practices which expand, heat and energize) and Langhana (practices which diminish, lessen, cool and calm) based on where we are now in this moment ending with a practice based on Samana~ Balance and Harmony. Advice: If you have an injury or medical condition, please contact your GP/Consultant to discuss if this practice is suitable. Alternatively you can contact me on to seek my suggestion. Remember, all our bodies are different, and we must honour ourselves wherever we are when we come to the mat. If at any point a pose feels uncomfortable or painful, gently come out of it or use props to support you. Go gently, be kind with yourself and don't force or push anything.





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