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Tue, 09 May




A five week online yoga series exploring Patanjali's second limb of Yoga, the Niyamas and how we can utilise these ancient teachings to enhance our health and wellbeing.

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09 May 2023, 19:30 BST – 06 Jun 2023, 20:30 BST




In our new 5 week block, we will take a look at the Niyamas from Patanjalis 8 limbs of yoga ( 8 limbs to enlightenmnet )and see how they relate to self care in todays fast paced life.

The Niyamas are the second limb of the 8. The first being the Yamas which encourage us to be conscious of our thoughts and actions. They are considered moral constraints used to improve self-control (restraint) and purify intentions and character.

The Niyamsa are recommended habits or daily actions for holistic and healthy living. They are Personal inner observances and practices that help align us with a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life and thus will have a slightly different interpretation for all of us depending on individual values and priorities. Together, the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga can be defined as moral codes or ethical principles that guide us in our journey to spiritual awareness.

It is self care in its most pure form..

In this series of yoga classes, our intention is to create a time for us to weave together the sacred threads of our body mind and soul. We will take a Niyama each week and use that as a starting point for our time on the mat and also to see how it reflects in our lives and daily habits off the mat.

Though our practice, we can begin to be more mindful of our everyday habits , routine , thought processes and see that Self care is not a  self indulgent act, rather it is a way to take responsibility and ownership of our self. To nourish our inner and outer landscape in such a way that we develop a more balanced emotional and mental state of wellbeing.

The five Niyamas are....

 SAUCHA ~ Cleanliness/Purity

Not just confined to how we treat our body and the food we put inside , but also how we can use asanas and pranyama to cleanse the body from the inside out to remove toxins and energy blockages. This also relates to our external environment and what we 'consume' through our senses on a daily basis

SANTOSHA~ Contentment.

This beautiful Niyama, invites us to appreciate and importantly , accept what we have and where we are. 

TAPAS~ Discipline . Rather than this feeling auster and self limiting, it can be experienced as a burning enthusiasm…a sense of self discipline, passion and courage to see something through. 

SVADHYAYA ~Self Study. Patanjali says ‘Study thyself, discover the divine’

Self study invites us to practice self reflection and observation so as we maybe more aware of what causes us harm alongside that which brings us closer towards our essence, or ‘true self. 

ISVARA PRANIDHANA ~ Surrender (to a high power).

The last Niyama is the act of letting go of our expectations. It is trying our best, doing the work, living life fully and authentically but then letting go of the story and our desired outcomes. 

It is my hope that this 5 week course of yoga practices will help equip us with relevant and accessible insights, tools and self care practices that can bolster and nourish us from the inside out. .

It would be an absolute joy to share these practices with you live via zoom but of course, I know how life can be, which is why you are also able to sign up and receive the recording link (as well as the live link) in case you cant make it.

This 5-week series is bookable as a block @ £35 or of course if you prefer to ‘drop in’ you can do so as a dropin @ £8 a class.

On booking your place, you will automatically receive both  the zoom link to the live stream Tuesday evening an hour before class & the recording early on Wednesday morning .

Next steps:

1. Once you've registered for the class online, you'll receive an email requesting payment in order to secure your spot. Once you've made payment, your spot is secured and you'll be sent more information on how to access the live class and recording.

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