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Fri, 22 Mar


Thaxted Yoga


A nourishing two-hour yin yoga workshop blending fluid and dynamic movement with essential oils to re-energise and re-awaken us in preparation for spring

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Time & Location

22 Mar 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

Thaxted Yoga, Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7, Stanbrook, Thaxted CM6 2NH, UK


As the stillness and inert nature of winter slowly begins to yield and give way to the vibrancy and dynamism of spring, we will explore how this season, surges through nature as well as ourselves.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is closely associated with one of the elements in nature. Springtime is closely associated with the element of Wood. Having been nourished and nurtured by Water over the Winter, the 'yinnest' of all seasons, Wood can now emerge into Spring where it can flourish and grow. Seeds that were planted and previously hidden, now begin to push forth through the earth, towards the warmth and energy of the Sun.

Spring is very much a time of transformation, of new ideas and manifestation. During the introspection of Winter, we have beautiful opportunities to look within and see what is no longer serving us and allow it, with grace and acceptance, to fall away. Now we begin again. There is Re-birth, Expansion, Growth and Vibrancy.

The Wood element is nourished and represented by the Liver and Gallbladder. As well as being responsible for storing, cleansing, filtering and distributing blood effectively around the body, on a more subtle level, the liver ensures the smooth flow of Chi to the other organs in the body. It also regulates emotional activities. It is believed that our ‘Essence’, that which remains after death is stored here in the liver. Alongside metabolising fats, the Gallbladder is responsible for making wise judgements and decisions.

About The Workshop

In this two hour workshop, we will use carefully selected Essential Oil blends, Mudras and Prananyama, alongside dynamic, expansive and fluid flowing yoga sequences to move stagnant energy and re-awaken what has been lying dormant over the winter and is now ready to come forth into light.

We will celebrate the space we have created by our ability to release old patterns and habits during winter's time of reflection and embrace the arrival of new possibilities, ideas and directions. The practice will be mindful and insightful and will flow into a delicious Yin practice which helps us recognise and tend to our tendency for ‘over-doing, forcing and impatience, thus reminding us to act with attention, awareness and kindness. The sequences will specifically focus on the Liver and Gall bladder meridian lines to bring balance to body, breath and mind.

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